Special Effects Event Guidelines

SMOKING: The Pavilion is a non smoking facility. Smoking is allowed outside and guests are required to put their used cigarettes/cigars in the receptacles provided.

NOISE ORDINANCE: The Town of Vail requires that all music be turned to 45 decibels by 10 p.m. Prior to this time, the maximum sound level at the Pavilion is 65 decibels. During the summer months, the Pavilion doors must remain closed after 10 p.m.

CANDLES: Candles are allowed as table decorations in the Pavilion, as long as the candles are in a container and the flame is lower than the top of the container. No open flame allowed.

DISCO BALL: A lighted disco ball may be hung from the beam nearest to the Alcove Room. Client is responsible for the rental of disco ball and ladder apparatus in order to securely hang the disco ball. Please be aware that the disco ball must be removed at the conclusion of your function. A disco ball may not be used on the Pavilion patio.

SMOKE/FOG MACHINE: Due to the nature of such a machine, the Pavilion does not allow use.

FIRE PIT: This is for you and your guest’s enjoyment. Please do note that no cooking, i.e. hot dogs, marshmallows, etc is permitted. Donovan Pavilion Management, Inc. reserves the right to distinguish the Fire Pit if the guest’s safety is in jeopardy.

EVENT DECORATIONS: Decorations must be pre-approved with Pavilion Management. Confetti is not allowed. Use of helium balloons as decoration must be weighted in order to prevent them from becoming entangled in vaulted ceilings. Please note: No tape, nails, thumbtacks, etc. are allowed to be placed on the Pavilion walls.

EVENT LOAD-IN/LOAD-OUT: Load-in of all rental equipment and subcontractors is allowed at the rental start time. Due to the facility usage schedule, no early load-in is allowed. Subsequently, there is no overnight storage inside the facility for any event supplies or rentals. All rental items may be stored overnight in the trash receptacle area outside of the Pavilion for pick-up the next day. Donovan Pavilion Management, Inc. is not responsible for items left overnight or outside of the premises. Failure to comply with Pavilion load-out schedule may result in a forfeiture of facility deposit.

EVENT CONCLUSION: Donovan Pavilion closes promptly at 12:00 midnight. Thus, all events must be torn down and loaded out of the facility by that time. Please allow ample time for your caterer to remove rental items and complete the Caterer’s checklist. Failure to end by 12:00 midnight may result in additional rental fees.

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